BTS Hotel


Due to increases in cellular phone, and data usage, the demand for more capacity in urban areas is ever increasing. Operators must increase the number of available cells to these areas to meet these capacity demands. With the increased number of cells, each cell is required to support a smaller area to minimize interference between adjacent cells. 

BTS Hotel solution enable telecommunication operator to have the BTS colllocation facilities. help operator to meet the challenge in 3G and upcoming technology 4G/LTE operate at higher frequencies become big challenge in coverage:

  • insufficient coverage
  • capacity issue
  • expansion cost issue(capex and opex)



This Remote Site Hosting configuration, Base Stations (BTSs), which are centralized at one location, serve multiple Remote Sites. The connection between the Base Station Equipment Room and each Remote Site is connected by a single fiber.

Advantages and benefits

  • Multi-Base Station savings
  • Scalability (Capacity / Traffic)
  • Transmission line savings (local aggregation)
  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs
  • Flexible site location for microcell pole