Metrotel launched the Microcell concept in Jakarta for transporting backhaul communication signals between a set of base stations in a base station hotel and a set remotely located sites. As a result, the system can deliver signals over much longer distances without degradation. Microcell is bring unfair advantage in:


Capex-Opex BTS Equipment
Compared to building the conventional BTS tower that requires high up-front capital investment, Mobile cellular operators are able to recognize significantly lower capex/opex savings through a shared Base Station Hotel where multiple BTS co-located together.


Space or Site Acquisition
Microcell helps in providing connectivity at locations where expanding or building new towers is not permitted due to various regulatory or space constraint.

Shorter Deployment Time
The time required for site/pole readiness is relatively shorter than building the macro tower. microcell

It is the most suitable solution to solve inadequate or insufficient network coverage provided by macro tower where it is common that the coverage maybe blocked by surrounding building especially in dense populated areas. The system supports multiple frequency bands and operators.