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Loss in critical data will cause major loss in business continuity. To prevent data loss that cause by a disaster, such as fire, flood, terrorist threat ,other disruptive event or human-induced disaster, Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is substantial. Metrotel Data Center has multi data center that  operate in 9(nine) big cities in Indonesia, all data center are interconected with fiber optic, and operate as Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) to each other data center.

Our professional services, we also provide a fully-equipped Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) for our customers to establish a secondary IT Data Centre for housing critical IT infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, the customer can decide to activate the secondary site at the DRC immediately and Metrotel operations personnel will perform the necessary tasks as outlined in the BCP and/or crisis management plan.

Metrotel Warm Disaster Recovery

This configuration system is used by customers who need an immediate recovery mechanism in the event of a disaster with minimal impact to their business. CMG will ensure real-time transaction based mirroring, whereby changes in primary server are immediately replicated in secondary server. Metrotel will allow single data changes, either small or large, immediately replicated/transferred to the secondary server, when detected by primary servers. The data in the secondary server will be backed up daily and a backup report will be provided to customer.

Metrotel Cold Disaster Recovery

This configuration system is used by customers who need to perform disaster recovery but can afford to have some delays in activating the secondary IT infrastructure at the DRC. The data in the servers at customer’s site and DRC will be synchronized once a week using customer’s backup data cartridges. A backup report will be provided to customer upon completion of the data synchronization.

A Disaster Recovery Test Plan will be documented and a recovery simulation will be carried out on quarterly basis to ensure the disaster recovery process is operational and reliable.

Metrotel Profesional Personel have implement and exprience in Disaster Recovery Center for multi - million dollar billing transaction system.

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