Our IP VPN service equips your business with a private fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) which guarantees the performance of your voice, multimedia and application traffic.

Choosing Metrotel for your IP VPN means :

    • you have complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network
    • you benefit from 6 traffic classes to carry your different types of data all securely guarded by our Unified Threat Management platform.
    • Operational Efficiencies - operating a single network for all IT & Communication requirements reduces infrastructure and operational overheads as our trained, qualified engineers look after your IP VPN 24 hours a day. Our network is ideal for providing connectivity to the latest integrated business communication applications for each of the sites in your organisation

We are committed to providing a premium service during specification, implementation and operation. Our dedication to professionalism means you have a partner who is serious about your business needs and responsive to your specific requirements.

We offer a range of managed access connectivity options for linking your offices into the IP VPN. Whether you require low cost DSL for small/home offices or a fully diverse resilient Ethernet deployment at a Head Office or Data Centre, our team of expert technical advisors will support you through the process of selecting the most appropriate technology for each site.

Our award-winning levels of service are applied at every stage of your IP VPN delivery, from ensuring the smoothest possible migration during deployment through to providing on-demand traffic performance reports in our Customer Portal, with Metrotel safeguarding your WAN operations you can focus resources on meeting the ever increasing demands of your users.